Sprinkles Cupcake Vending Machine

Sprinkles of Beverly Hills has introduced a 24 hour cupcake vending machine so that cake nuts can get a $5 cupcake in a neat little box any time they fancy. The machine holds 600 cakes and only accepts credit cards. You can see a video of the machine in action below, featuring Drew Barrymore’s sister –

I guess if you’re really into Sprinkles cupcakes and no other brand will do then this is a great idea. To me through, a vending machine with only one type of product is a little boring and if I’m going to head outside I’ll probably need more than a cupcake so I’ll visit the nearest 24 hour store instead. Still, if I was walking past I’d have to give it a go and if I became addicted to their cakes then I would much rather be served by a machine any-time!

I wonder how long until Greggs start stuffing one of these machines with sausage rolls?

Read story here.


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