Idea Vending Machine

Check this out. Jake over at Zoomdoggle got his hands on an old bubble gum machine.


He’s filled a whole load of capsules with goodies and for a mere 50c you get:

  • An Idea
  • A toy (maybe)
  • A map
  • A 25c coin
  • A lucky penny (more about that here)

It’s genius basically, and I’m glad to hear that he took a cool $5 in just an hour! You’re getting a lot for your 24c although if I was him I’d find a mew mechanism that took quarters so he doesn’t need to put money in the capsules as the machine will probably disappear one day! You can read the full article on zoomdoggle by clicking here.

I’ve got a few similar machines here so if you have a great idea and want to see it come to life, or just have a great suggestion let me know and we can have some fun!


The Very First Vending Machine – Ever!

The very first vending machine that we know about was deigned and built by the Ancient Greeks and was described by Hero of Alexandria. It was said to be a coin operated Holy Water dispenser. The coin would tilt a mechanism inside allowing the water to flow until the coin slid from the mechanism and the water would stop.

I’m a little sceptical about whether or not this actually existed or if it was just a theroy like so many of Leonardo Da Vinici’s scetches. Given the way coins were produced back in the day (the inconsistencies of pressing), and the non existent anti-tamper mechanisms I think you could have poured sand into this device and it would have worked.’s nice to see some early vending ideas.

I got the image from this site – Under The Pier Show – which is one mans labour of love that actually visit so please check out the link. More on the Under the Pier Show soon.