Swimsuit Vending Machine

A blogs just not a blog unless there’s an article about bikinis in there somewhere. Well, luckily for all of us the Standard Hotel in South Beach has installed swimwear vending machine next to it’s outdoor pool.



They’ve teamed up with Quicksilver so the stuff aint cheap – $75 for mens board shorts and $85 for a reversible bandeau-top bikini but if you’ve ever found yourself without swimmers on a beautiful day with a pool on offer I think you might just make the purchase. Fortunately you don’t need to have any money on you to buy from this machine and you simply pop in your room key and they’ll add your purchases to your bill. I’d personally head over to a cheap shop and buy a $10 pair from Walmart but that’s just me.

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Idea Vending Machine

Check this out. Jake over at Zoomdoggle got his hands on an old bubble gum machine.


He’s filled a whole load of capsules with goodies and for a mere 50c you get:

  • An Idea
  • A toy (maybe)
  • A map
  • A 25c coin
  • A lucky penny (more about that here)

It’s genius basically, and I’m glad to hear that he took a cool $5 in just an hour! You’re getting a lot for your 24c although if I was him I’d find a mew mechanism that took quarters so he doesn’t need to put money in the capsules as the machine will probably disappear one day! You can read the full article on zoomdoggle by clicking here.

I’ve got a few similar machines here so if you have a great idea and want to see it come to life, or just have a great suggestion let me know and we can have some fun!


Anger Release Vending Machine

Hmm…wasn’t sure if I should file this under Broken Vending Machines or new Vending machines but I’ve gone with the Almost Vending category as that seemed most appropriate.

Next time you’re feeling a bit stressed why not pop down to your local Anger Release machine, pop in a few Euros and watch that Faberge Egg knock off tumble to it shattery grave.

Quite simply genius from Yarisal & Kublitz and you can see more of their ground breaking (or earth shattering?) inventions by clicking here

I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Whilst most advertisers these days are either too unimaginative to create interesting ads (see any ad by Brandpower) or too skint (see any recycled ‘retro’ 70’s ads that are being re-shown), Australian company ‘Fantastic Delites’ has used a fantastic idea and understood what Viral means with this fantastic prank vending machine.

It doesn’t take money but instead commands you to perform a variety of tasks from pressing a button a hundred times to making you kneel and worship the machine.

It just goes to show that a bit of creativity and a small budget can go a long way. Watch the video below – you’ll love it!

Pizza Vending Machine Announced – Febo Quake in their Boots

Ok I’m joking. The Pizza vending machine is real Febo aren’t worried. People will still buy their greasy delicious snack hastily crammed into sweaty plastic pigeon holes by hairy hands.

Let's Pizza: A new stand-alone pizza making machine is on its way to the U.S. creating custom 10.5-inch pizzas in under three minutes' time

‘Let’s Pizza’ is the worlds first (or second – I can’t remember which one I saw first) pizza vending machine that is truly amazing. You might be thinking that after you drop your coins in a frozen pizza will fall into a microwave for a few minutes before being ejected, face first, onto the floor.

Well, if you were thinking that you’d be wrong. Very wrong. The entire Pizza is made from scratch with even the dough being made just for you. Check out the promo video below…

A true fact about this video is that a top Hong Kong studio was paid a million dollars to ensure that the dubbing was undetectable.

I love this machine. I’m a little concerned by the amount of times they say hygeine and ‘human free’ in  just 3 minutes but if I win the lottery I’m not going to put in a McDonlads like Ri¢hie Ri¢h but one of these. Once the pizza is ready you even get a cutter and some oregano! Magnifico!

Have you ever tried a pizza from one of these machines? Do the pizzas actually look anything like the one in the video? I’m desperate to know what they taste like so please drop me a line and let me know what you thought if you’ve tried one. Thanks


Gold Bar Vending Machine

You know how it is. It’s 4 in the morning and you’ve just used up your last gold bar. So what you gonna do? The shops don’t open until 9am and you really need another gold bar NOW. Well rest easy – because vending machines that dispense gold bars have arrived in the UK.


Originally these started out in Germany with 500 machines offering 1g, 5g, and 10g bars of gold as well as gold coins. They prices are updated every 10 minutes so you always pay the right price and there’s a camera on the front to prevent money laundering (lol!)

Well, the machines have arrived in Britain now and you can give it a try for yourself by popping down to the Westbury Shopping Centre in west London. Interestingly each machine hold 200kg of gold.

The video with owner saying it’s great for when you can buy flowers was too ridiculous to watch so here’s a clip from the BBC when the machines first hit Germany.