A Pepsi, A Diet Coke and Mountain Dew walk into a bar…

Jesus Vending Machine

Gotta love this. Would love it more if after you pay in your money you got nothing back. Then it really would be like religion.

And so you don’t leave empty handed –

A man walks in to a bar and orders a drink. After a while the free peanut vending globe on the bar tells him that the shirt he’s wearing looks really good on him. Disturbed by this he goes to the cigarette vending machine to get some ciggies to help calm his nerves.  As he approaches the machine, it starts shouting  and swearing at him, calling him a c*&t!. He runs to the barman and tells him whats happened when the barman apologizes and says “The peanuts are complimentary, but the cigarette machine is out of order”!

Ba Doom Tshhhh


Anger Release Vending Machine

Hmm…wasn’t sure if I should file this under Broken Vending Machines or new Vending machines but I’ve gone with the Almost Vending category as that seemed most appropriate.

Next time you’re feeling a bit stressed why not pop down to your local Anger Release machine, pop in a few Euros and watch that Faberge Egg knock off tumble to it shattery grave.

Quite simply genius from Yarisal & Kublitz and you can see more of their ground breaking (or earth shattering?) inventions by clicking here

I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Whilst most advertisers these days are either too unimaginative to create interesting ads (see any ad by Brandpower) or too skint (see any recycled ‘retro’ 70’s ads that are being re-shown), Australian company ‘Fantastic Delites’ has used a fantastic idea and understood what Viral means with this fantastic prank vending machine.

It doesn’t take money but instead commands you to perform a variety of tasks from pressing a button a hundred times to making you kneel and worship the machine.

It just goes to show that a bit of creativity and a small budget can go a long way. Watch the video below – you’ll love it!