French Fry Vending Machine

Just as I thought the pizza vending machine from ‘Lets Pizza’ could not be beaten along came a French Fry vending machine from Beyondte Technology. As much as I know the pizza from a vending machine isn’t going to be the best in the world, it was still going to be delicious and hot and quick I think that Beyondte have hit the nail on the head with hot fries in a couple of minutes. As you can see from the video, just pop in a couple of coins, wait a few minutes and you have a cup of hot, freshly…fries.

I’ve no idea where the ‘Choose a sauce within 6 seconds or the machine will choose one for you’ came from but it’s a decent sized little box so it looks like you’re going to get all the sauce you need. The end result looks like a nice little ‘poke of chips’ as we say here in the UK. I always thought I’d copy Richie Rich if I won the lottery and get a McDonalds in my mansion but I think I’d actually just prefer a row of these.

Vending Machine vs Shredder

I wouldn’t usually post this sort of video on a blog dedicated to vending machines but I think it’s well worth a look. The guys at SSI Shredding put an old vending machine through one of their giant shredding machines as part of their ‘Shred of the Week!

I don’t think they’re going to win an Oscar any time soon with that performance but there’s something mesmerising about their the videos on their channel.