Vending Machine Grows 20,000 Heads of Lettuce a Year Without Sunlight

Photos: Dentu

We may need to peddle a bicycle 24 hours a day if we’re going to grow lettuce in a Soylent Green future but that has to be better than actually eating people!!

This ‘Chef’s Farm’ machine from Dentsu provides its own sunlight with 12 x 40 Watt bulbs per shelf but once loaded up and running, turns out an incredible 60 heads of lettuce a day totalling 20,000 per year!

The machine retails for $90,000 and isn’t restricted just growing lettuce (although illegal activities could land you in jail!)

There’s not much information around on this and I don’t see a coin slot which makes me wonder if this is real or some sort of art installation or practical joke. I’m a bit sceptical at the moment but if you have more evidence on this or a video of it vending I’ll be the first one to admit I’m wrong. It is undeniably cool though and I love the look and concenpt of this so it can stay….for now.

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